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closing arguments have now wrapped up and the jury is deliberating over the fate of the man accused of killing phylicia barnes. >> a disturbing video shows a man being attacked by a woman who was paid to take care of him. the video was taken at the emerge group home in columbia. >> we are one step closer to getting action after school bus
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drivers drove through red lights. a bill to hold them accountable is going through its final reading. currently contractors do not have to notify schools about their violations. weather wise, some snow. this is verga touching down but we'll continue to see a snow in the mountains. that's where the current winter weather advisories are. some snow showers, maybe a coating, a half an inch. it doesn't take much for that flash freeze effect when the air temps and road testimonyies are below freezing. we're at freezing in harford. below freezing in see iten havesville. 31 in rock hall as well. the rest of the evening low 20s. we'll talk about the snow arrival when it gets in here and a look ahead to your parade forecast. >> thanks a lot, wyatt.
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what time is it? it's time for the ravens victory tour. the reaches got it done against the 49ers, kicking off the celebration. super bowl mvp joe flacco made a pit stop at des ni -- disney world. he will be back in time for the parade. >> big brother beat little brother. the ravens quickly started the celebration last night. it included a performance from marry j. blige and other celebrities. at one point the team may have lost track of the lombardi. >> we haven't seen this since last night. we thought we lost it. >> tomorrow the fans will have a chance to celebrate during baltimore's victory parade. lauren cook has all the details
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on ask downtown roads will be shut down. >> reporter: the parade kicks whoever at 10:45 tomorrow morning at baltimore city hall, then to pratt and howard street ending at m&t bank stadium. there will be a celebration. parking is free in stadium lots f, g, h and j. no tailgating is permitted. to avid congestion on the road, you can use transit. >> head to and you can follow lauren on twitter at lauren cook, abc2. all new at 5:30 a tour bus returning from a california resort never made it home. the bus hit a pickup truck on a remote highway about 80-miles
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from l.a. we have more on the cause of the deadly crash. >> reporter: investigators are still combing through the horrific scene of a deadly tour bus crash in the mountains east of los angeles. >> it's probably one of the worst collisions that i've actually witnessed in my career. >> reporter: the roof of the bus is peeled back, windows blown out has bodies continue to be removed from the scene. >> backpacks, gloves and personal effects. >> reporter: sunday night's crash killed eight people and injured dozens more. the mexican tourists were heading back to tijuana from big bear lake when a bus slamed into two vehicles and rolled down the highway ejecting passengers along the way. many are still missing and the death toll is expected to rise. >> reporter: he's looking for
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his sister. his niece was rush to the hospital in critical condition. the bus driver claims the brakes failed. >> speed seems to be a factor. we do not know what caused the bus to speed. >> reporter: the firm listed on the bus was given an overall satisfactory rating. in some cases they have flunked tests for tire and brake problems. now the national transportation safety board is joining the investigation. a quarter of a million twitter users may have will their personal information compromised. have you been hacked? we'll tell you in you were part of the security breach. there's a new option for happy meal lovers. they are incorporating a fish
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option. >> i'm abc2's meteorologist wyatt everhart. snow is on the ground in manchester. we're looking for another coating to come in overnight. we'll talk about that and what this could moon for your morning commute.
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the dow jones down is down 130. the nasdaq down almost 48. the s&p 500 down also, 17 1/2. in tonight's consumer alert we're learning that your twitter account may have been compromised. it is the latest victim of a cyber attack. twitter shut down hackers moments after the hack was detected but it's possible hackers may have stolen users' names and addresses of about 250,000 users. a new option for you on the happy meal. starting this week fish mcbites will be available at mcdonald's across the u.s. it's the first edition to the happy meal in a decade. fish back bites will be -- fish mcbites will be available
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through march. pizza hut is offering pizza sliders and can be bought in batches for family hops want to customize their orders with different toppings. coming up, an american mother of two is killed while on vacation and the family is searching for answer. what police are saying. what ad was your favorite from last night and which was the worst? we're blakeing down the super bowl -- breaking down the super bowl commercialings that got the most buzz.
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all right. let's start off with a look at the weather in the big easy. lots of ravens fans still flying
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out if they didn't have the red eye. it's a cloudy condition. some rain coming. so evening flights out of new orleans could be tricky. i don't think it will depress anybody's spirit. this is what's coming toward central maryland. some snows out toward frostburg as well all headed in our direction. we'll look for some snow to get in overnight. it will not be heavy as it is in the mountain, but we'll look for the potential for snow. you see it in the mountains to the west, a little bit of snow. the main area is banding across the ohio valley. this darker band looks like there will continue to sweep southward. we'll look for the potential for some of the light snow north of columbus e vngs i into -- eventually into central maryland. temperatures will be cold enough for every flake.
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some isolated spots toward frederick west could get an inch or more. i don't think we'll see that around the city itself. the snow will taper off before the big parade tomorrow afternoon. so that's good. cold wind chills out of the south. an early look at that weather if you're headed downtown for the big parade, the numbers will be pushing 40 in the afternoon. i think the parade around 11 upper 30s. the snow that will fall overnight that will crete slick conditions should melt off 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. so improving conditions as you go toward parade time and by 1:00, 2. we're looking great. temperatures are struggle to get out of the upper 30s and into the day on wednesday we're stuck down. you can see much of a warmup until we get into the latter part of the week and even the weekend. again, watching the winter system coming our way, weak clipper. a lot of the moisture will stay
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south. midnight and even in the early morning hours, some snow showers. we could see one more. it's tough to see, the very light band could come through with a frontal boundary. that will be good in the sense that this will clear the skies on wednesday. the second band, like a dusting, that will be the last of our weather systems for awhile. we'll look for clearing conditions on wednesday and thursday. again, all eyes right now on the clipper system reminiscent of the two to three, generate the coating to a half an inch. it's just enough when that road temp is below freezing, just enough to make things hazardous first thing in the morning. snow arriving, coating to an inch possible. higher totals west of baltimore. here we go parade weather, a slick start. just drive with that. after that we're looking above freezing. tomorrow night a chance for a few brief snow showers.
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the next few days some improving conditions by wednesday afternoon into thursday. at least the sun comes back. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. then into the weekend conditions look to improve even more after a round of rain showers on friday. it might wash some of the salt away, starting to add up, looking dusty at times. the dry salt is blowing around. a milder trend will set up. hang on. >> hold off on that car wash. >> definitely hold off on that. >> okay. you can't take wyatt with you but you can get the latest on the school closings with live radar right there on your abc2 mobile app. head to load. president obama took his gun control message on the road. the president went to minnesota to push for stricter measures because he said the state is
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making progress in its efforts to reviews gun violence. he heard from elected leaders before making a remark to a crowd of supporters. >> if there's just one life we can save, we have an obligation to try. >> the president is pushing for laws that limit the number of rounds in a magazine, renew a band on assault weapons and require universal background checks for all gun purchases. as for the picture that was released over the weekend of the president shooting clay pigeons, the white house said it hasn't decided to respond to that about the president's personal experience shooting firearms. >> well, maryland is also considering new gun laws in an attempt to curb gun violence. scholars gathered. it was an hope discussion on guns. >> not to prevent that any of us in the room have the right
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answer. but to have a discussion to talk openly and frankly about some of the solutions that we were should be able to reach. >> nearly 40 bills from paul sides of the gun debate have been introduced. >> some new developments into the death of an american mother of two killed on a trip to turkey. we have the latest on possible clues and the search for a motive. >> reporter: investigators in turkey say a fierce blow to the head claimed the life of sarai sierra, the 33-year-old from staten island new york. she was found near the ainge health is city walls of istanbul, turkey. >> at least there's closure. >> reporter: the mother of two traveled alen to explore her
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passion for photography. the last man -- they are trying to gain access to her emails and are retracing her final steps. it shows her in mall the last time she was seen alive. a woman said she saw a man removing what appeared to be a body from a life. her body was dumped laying near a blanket, wearing the same clothes seen in the video. the question remains why did she leave her passport, cell phone and medical records in her room the same day she fan vished. sierra's husband is heartbroken. her family writes we love her dearly and we are pushing through. we're now focused on helping raise her sons the way she
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would. police are questioning nearly two dozen people. still, no one has been charged. for the first time we're hearing from a pakistani girl who was shot by the taliban. taliban. >> i can see you. i can see everyone, and today i can see and i'm getting better day by day. >> the militant group claiming responsibility said they went after her because she promoted girl's ed scags and western think -- education and western thinking. she even made the short list for "time" magazine's person of the
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year. students are putting their talents to good use. our education reporter sherrie johnson shows how they're making a difference. >> reporter: members of the laser club are hard at work. these students make anything from cabinets to chairs. the list just got a little larger thanks to city school administrators. they bought a state of the art laser machine for students. they said it raise great to see a what city students can do. >> we want them to be prepared for the future, their job. they will learn everything they need to learn on the job. they need to be able to show their employability skills. >> reporter: carve ver's laser skill has a partnership with habitat for humanity, private
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and public schools. they fill orders. the money for the supplies are donated and students love the experience. >> hands-on things. i love fixing stuff. it helps me. i like this. >> reporter: students showed off their handy work by presenting a plaque showcasing positive programs in baltimore schools. wow, what a difference these students are making, thank tools carver vo tech. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> she has the plaque sitting on her desk. she's very proud of it. if you would like to place orders, you can log on to our website and click on the
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education tab for the complete story. coming up all new at 6:00, a local billsness is heeding it -- business is heeding its super bowl bet. >> and ray lewis ends his year with a super bowl win. before you buy number 52 memorabilia, we have some tips to make sure you don't get scammed. those stories and a lot more coming up on abc2 news at 6.
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we watched the game and it's
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exciting. budweiser's brotherhood ad featuring one of its clydesdales is getting voted as a favorite. take a look. >> the ad shows a farmer raising a foal that goes off to become a budweiser clydes day. the two were reunited at the end. probably got teary eyed. one of the ads that went the other spot, the go daddy kiss is one of the worst of the super bowl. i never need to see this again. even though viewer reaction was negative, the actor from the ad said he's hearing a lot of positive support and he might be lobbying for some of joe
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flacco's spotlight. >> i've been blown away by support, positive support. a lot of my friends, family, giving me a thumb's up, wishing they were me. a lot of people think i was the mvp. >> he said it took between 45 and 65 takes to get it right. all right. coming up, the tax season is officially upon us but it's also prime season for identity thieves. what you need to know before you file. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which is coming up right now. >> the ravens landed at bwi moments ago. the city prepares to celebrate the vince lombardi trophy. >>

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